Thursday, September 27, 2012

new contacts

I've joined three new writing groups and have made a lot of new contacts.  Two of the groups I'd been a member for a couple of weeks before I worked up the nerve to write a introductory post.  Don't know what I was afraid of because the worst that could have happened was *crickets.*  Not good, but not fatal either. 

However, that was not the case when I joined any of the groups.  All of the writers were extremely welcoming, and I've even accepted invitations to do a guest blogs when my short short comes out.  The invitations are extremely gracious, I hope I don't disappoint.  Now I'll have to get my own blog up to speed so that I can reciprocate.  But that's a few weeks away.  I've probably already bitten off more than I can chew with the guest blogs in addition to the short stories I need to finish editing and writing.  So, yes, things are still busy, but I'm slowly making progress.

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