Wednesday, March 20, 2013

First Review

I went on to the amazon site to "like" the Emergency Servicing anthology because I heard that clicking the "like" button helps generates views and searches or something.  Authors can't post reviews of their own works, but they can like their own works, right?

It turned out to be a moot point because there was no "like" button, but I did see a couple of reviews that had been posted.  My eyes went to them and I started reading before my brain could warn me, "Stay safe!  Don't read the reviews!"  I bruise easily sometimes so I'd made a vow not to read any reviews, good or bad, and just let my critique partners and editors point out my writing flaws.  However, I didn't have to worry.  No bruises, but no hoorays either.  One of the reviewers hadn't read the book but gave the anthology one star anyway because s/he thought the price was too high. *sigh*  The other reviewer read only two stories from the anthology and gave "Love Without Borders" 4.5 stars and "Trusting the ER Doctor" 3.5 stars.  I would have loved 4 or 5 stars but at least the reviewer said s/he liked the trust developed between my characters.  So, on the whole, not a bad review.  But I'm still in the hunt for the 4/5 star review.  Maybe it's still out there waiting for me.


  1. Are you on FB?

    Congrats for cracking the Amazon Top 100!

    H.L. Holston

  2. Hi H.L.!
    No, I'm not on Facebook, I'm a little leery of all the privacy issues but I am on Twitter. And thanks so much for the congratulations! I'm surprised and thrilled.