Wednesday, October 1, 2014

Secrets With The Billionaire releases Friday!!!

I'm thrilled to share that my latest e-book, Secrets With The Billionaire, will be available this Friday!!  It's my first book with Evernight Publishing that's not part of their Romance On The Go line or included in an anthology.

I LOVE LOVE LOVE my cover!!!  The contrast between the cold, stark boardroom and the hot, HOT men perfectly captures the 'opposites attract' chemistry of the heroes of my story, as shown in this blurb:

Tim McInerny, a reporter for The Philadelphia Chronicle, is on vacation when he sees Connor Albright, the reclusive techie billionaire.  It's clear from Connor's appearance that he's been ill, but Tim approaches him anyway, hoping to get an interview.  Connor reluctantly agrees to talk to the reporter once Tim makes clear that he'll write a story with or without Connor's cooperation.  It isn't long before professional considerations are thrown aside and the two men give in to their passion for each other.  But their new relationship is threatened when Time learns his interview won't be published and that Connor knew it all along.  Both men are forced to choose which takes priority: their careers or their burgeoning relationship.

Come back Friday, the day of the release (!!), when I'll share an excerpt from the story.  Hope to see you all here then!  :-)

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