Wednesday, January 8, 2014


I started to write a post yesterday and I'm so glad I didn't.  It was a very uninspired post, something about how cold it was and how I didn't feel like writing.  I scrapped it when I nearly fell asleep writing it.  I figured, I'll try again tomorrow, maybe something will come up that will interest me more.

So glad I waited!  Recounting my 'experience' with #PitMad is way more interesting than crabbing about how cold it is.  I've seen tweets for over a year referring to #PitMad but didn't really understand what it was.  Basically, it's writers on Twitter pitching their stories to participating agents and publishers.  The twist comes in creating a tweet in less than 140 characters using the hashtag #PitMad that describes your story well enough to intrigue an agent or publisher.  It takes me half a day to come up with a 150 word blurb and a 25 word tag line, so anyone that can get an agent's or publisher's attention with a 140 character query has my deep admiration.

Although I didn't participate directly in #PitMad, I did retweet the pitches I found interesting, which wound up leading to a few new followers on Twitter.  I even had an exchange with an editor who invited me to submit work (!) after I whined about not having anything ready to pitch today.  Another #PitMad is taking place in March, and maybe now that I know what it is and how it works, I'll be ready to participate.  :-)

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