Friday, July 25, 2014

The Billionaire's Network available today!

My latest release from Evernight Publishing, The Billionaire's Network, is available today!  I had a lot of fun writing this story and I hope you all have just as much fun (or more!) reading it.  Keep reading below for an excerpt....


 “Look,” Wes said. “It all happened a long time ago, and none of it matters now. I’m not holding any grudges, so there’s no need to worry about me starting trouble at NBS News. As far as everyone there will know, we’re former college roommates who shared an apartment for a year or two after graduation.”
Wes started towards the door, but stopped when he felt Rick’s hand on his shoulder. “Are you really able to walk away that easily? Seeing me again means nothing to you?”
Despite the shirt and suit jacket he wore, Wes could still feel the warmth that Rick’s palm generated. “Of course, it means something. We were an important part of each other’s lives for a long time, but that time has passed. I have no interest in attempting to make history repeat itself.”
Rick’s grip tightened on his shoulder to the point where Wes had no choice but to look up into the other man’s eyes. Though he was only a couple of inches shorter than Rick’s six foot, four inch frame, the difference in height seemed vast, which made Wes feel vulnerable. He took a step back, but Rick took a step forward, closing the gap between them so that their mouths were only inches apart.

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