Wednesday, July 23, 2014

The Billionaire's Network cover revealed!

My latest book, The Billionaire's Network, is being released this Friday, July 25!  It's a short story for Evernight Publishing's Romance On The Go line.  Below is the gorgeous cover:

The heroes of my story are network news anchor Wes Henley and billionaire Rick Sheridan.  Former lovers, they are reunited when Rick buys the network where Wes works.  Though their breakup was a bitter one, it isn't long before Wes and Rick reignite their passion for each other.  However, their second chance at romance is threatened when Rick's plans for the network threatens the job security of Wes' colleagues.  Wes is forced to decide whether his love for Rick and hopes for their future together outweighs his dedication to his job and allegiance to his coworkers.

I can't wait until the release on Friday!  I'll post a reminder, along with an excerpt then.  :-)

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