Wednesday, June 12, 2013

New Contract!!

I just signed a contract with Total-E-Bound for a story for their Lust Bites series!  I'm really excited not only because of the opportunity to be published again, but also because this is will be my first M/F story for Total-E-Bound.  Writing M/M is my preference, but when Total-E-Bound put out a submissions call specifically for M/F stories (and it's still going on, so submit those stories!), I thought it would be fun to challenge myself.

Although the book won't be available until November, I have to admit I'm a little nervous.  A person recently posted on a popular message board for writers that M/M writers who branch out into M/F territory will not sell the M/F books.  He even put will not sell in bold letters.  Maybe he's right, I don't know because I don't have enough experience to say one way or the other.  But part of what excites me about writing is tackling new challenges and trying new things.  I also think this is what's helping me to grow and develop as a writer.  If I stay in my comfort zone out of fear that a book won't sell, I think my stories will quickly become repetitive and stale.  And even I know enough to realize that a book that is repetitive and stale is a book that will not sell.

I'll post more details when the title is finalized and I get a copy of the cover.  For now, I'm still polishing a story for a submissions call and working on another story for a submissions call coming up towards the end of the month.