Monday, June 3, 2013

Sizzling Summer Reads Party reminder and Game of Thrones : THE Episode

Just wanted to give a reminder that tomorrow I will post an excerpt from my ebook Designs For Him as part of the Q&A giveaway sponsored by The Romance Reviews for their Sizzling Summer Reads Party event!  You have to be registered and logged in at The Romance Reviews before you can play the Q&A in order to get the chance to win a copy of Designs For Him.  I'm so excited about participating in this promotion and can't wait to post the excerpt tomorrow!

As for Game of Thrones, all I can say is....WOW!  I've read the books and I knew what was coming but it still didn't keep me from being completely blown away.  Okay, there are a few minor quibbles I have, like the show toning down Walder Frey's taunts while Rob was dying and it didn't make a big deal out of the Frey's providing bread and salt, usually a custom that guarantee a guest's safety, and slaughtering the Starks anyway.  But that's nitpicking and I don't want to detract from what was a brilliant episode in every way, including the writing, acting, directing, cinematography, all of it.  This is the episode I've been waiting to see ever since I read the books, and I'm happy to say that it not only met my expectations but exceeded them.   :-)

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