Tuesday, June 4, 2013

Sizzling Summer Reads Party Excerpt

As promised, here's the excerpt from my ebook, Designs For Him, which contains the answer to the question posed in Sizzling Summer Reads Party Q&A from The Romance Reviews.  Remember you have to be registered and logged in on The Romance Reviews site in order to play the game and get the chance to win.


Jon stopped dead in his tracks as his eyes fell on the man at the opposite end of the table. From the way he sat apart from the other men, who were huddled together on either side of the table, it was clear this was the new CEO. However, what interrupted Jon’s train of thought was the recognition of the man as the sweaty stranger from the break room the day before. The man who had come to his defence was here, not more than twenty feet away. The man he’d almost picked up was his boss’s boss’s boss, with maybe another boss or two thrown in.

A hint of recognition flickered in the man’s hazel eyes, but professional detachment quickly hooded over it, and Jon thought maybe he’d imagined seeing it. For a moment, he forgot where he was or what he was supposed to be doing. All of a sudden, he and the sweaty stranger were back in the break room and Jon had a second chance to ask him out. This time, probationary status be damned, he was going to go for it.
But Leonard’s voice brought him back to the present. “The customer can what, Jon?”
Snap out of it, your career is on the line here, he reminded himself. “The customer can post the pieces of furniture he or she has selected to Facebook, Tumblr, Pinterest, or Twitter to get opinions from friends and followers. This, in turn, will drive more traffic to the Cressen Furniture website and create more buzz. I’ve created an example of what a typical customer experience will be like.”

The further along he went in his presentation, the less Jon focused on the new CEO and the more he concentrated on showcasing what his software program could do. It helped that the sceptical looks from the department heads had turned into approving nods, with some of the men even making their own suggestions. By the time he’d finished, everyone smiled and applauded, with Leonard leaping up to clasp his hand and raise it in the air, as if they were Olympic champions.

“Thank you, I’m glad it meets your approval,” Jon said, a little dazed by all the attention. “But don’t get too excited yet. I still need to make sure this will work on a scale that can handle the demand from all of Cressen Furniture’s customers. The current website has nowhere near that kind of capacity. We will need to—”
“Whatever you need to get up and running, just name it. As of this moment, this project of yours is fast-tracked,” Leonard said. “The sooner you can get it implemented, the better.”


Good luck to everyone who enters and I hope you enjoy this excerpt along with all the other posted on The Romance Reviews website!

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